Protecting our Source of Life

Design & Construction

Full EPC works Include:
Design & Construction of wastewater treatment plants, water- purification facilities and sewage pumping-stations.
Supply & mechanical installations of  pumps, pipes, process equipment.
Electrical instrumentation and computerized control systems.

Control & Data Management

Real time SCADA system via web communication to remote sites leads to optimal operation
Decision-support system and management tools
Monitoring control, data acquisition, fault messages management and operational data analysis
Smart Grid water management solutions leads to improved service
Dramatic Savings in costs of energy, water supply, infrastructure upgrade and maintenance

Water Security


Tailored electronic surveillance solutions that prevent threats for water facilities and assure structure integrity.


Advanced technological process control systems and data management tools assure water quality, and provide live alerts about water contamination, chemicals, etc.

O&M Services

ELCO’s O&M Services include operation of municipal wastewater plants, industrial purification facilities & sewage pumping stations and brine lines nationwide,
as well as extensive experience and quality control & tasting

R&D:sludge reduction, utilizing innovative bio-technologies, to produce a higher quality effluent, and developing financial / operational control systems
ELCO’s alert & precise maintenance plus the efficient and economic operation bring a better effluent at reduces costs

Professional Stuff with a vast technological, process and engineering knowledge
Nationwide Service Contracts: Mei Netanya, Eilat, Shoket, Rahat, Dimona, Kolchei Hasharon, Tnuvot, Maayan Zvi, Arad, Hazor and many more….

Some Indicative Projects